General Medicine (Doctor of Medicine Degree) – 6 years course
Dentistry (Doctor of Dentistry Degree) – 5 year course
Pediatrics (Doctor of Medicine Degree) – 6 year course
Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree) – 5 year course
Nursing (RN) – 3 / 4 year course
Postgraduate Medical Studies(Internship Clinical Residency 2-5Yearsdepending
PhD Program Duration 3 years )
The University follows the Bologna process for Education.


Six year course leading to Degree of “Doctor of Medicine or MD, this is called Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS degree awarded by commonwealth countries such as UK, Australia, and India etc. Admission to the course is after a contract is signed between the Student and University. Fees for international students are denominated in USD$ and remain constant over the contract duration.The Medium of instruction is English for all six years for International students. The course is offered in Russian /Ukrainian for local candidates. Candidates studying in English medium for all six years are given language classes for the first three years so they may be proficient in the local language for conversing with patients during practical and everyday use.The Curriculum taught in the University is approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.
Candidates are formed in small groups of 6 to 10 students for teaching.

Dentistry (stomatology) in English medium
Five year course. Offered in English, Russian and Ukrainian language. Students are taught basic medical and biological profile and the clinical disciplines for dentistry. On completion of study the graduates are awarded the Diploma of a Doctor – dentist or the degree of BDS. Students are taught theoretical and clinical disciplines such as therapeutic and orthopedic stomatology. The department is well equipped in terms of premises, equipment, teaching aids and apparatus; a teaching hospital in the center of the city which is overflowing with patients. Students study the principal problems of dentistry: caries, parodonthosisand diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity. The University also offers post graduate course and clinical training in Dentistry. Developing a habit for educational & research and incorporating a creative approach for professional activity.

Pediatrics in English medium

This is a six year course leading to the degree of Doctor of Pediatrics. It is offered in English Russian and Ukrainianlanguage. The course is similar to “General Medicine” but emphasis is paid to the infantile organism with clinical focus on the infant, surgery of the infant etc. Those who complete this course acquire the diploma of a Pediatrician. The student receives general biological and medical education in first two years. Pediatric education starts from the third to sixth year, Students master knowledge of children’s anatomy, physiology, pathology and hygiene; diseases, treatment of inborn defects, hip and hip-joint development and others. Post graduate courses and clinical training is offered.

Pharmacy in English medium

Five year course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy. Course is offered in English/ Russian and Ukrainian language only. Student is taught fundamentals of medicine and biology and some clinical ones. On completion the diploma of pharmacist I awarded. They are trained to work in companies and / or for research, A methodical is created for training highly qualified specialists. The prime departments are: pharmacology, Biology, Genetics, botany, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical, physical and organic chemistry. Post graduate and master courses are also offered in Pharmacy.
Nursing in English medium
The course offered is Bachelors of Nursing. A three year and a four year course are offered. Students first study fundamental medical and biological disciplines; then clinical subjects and nursing in different situations. Practical and theoretical training is given in class and in hospitals.

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