To enter the territory of Ukraine every foreign citizen, whose native country has a visa regime with Ukraine, has to obtain the Ukraine entering visa. There are several types of visas available and it all depends on the purpose of the trip.


Tourist Visa – This visa is for foreign citizens, entering Ukraine as tourists. This visa is obtained on the basis of the invitation letter from the Ukraine tourist company, which has accreditation in MFA and it is valid for 30 days.This is issued either for single or double entries. The tourist invitation letter consists of two parts confirmation of Tourist Program; tourist voucher and tour itinerary.

The Tourist Invitation Letter should be made on the tourist company letter headed paper and be signed and stamped by the Tourist Company.A copy of the invitation letter has to be presented at the Consulate (in some cases you may need to carry along the original copy of the Invitation Letter).

Our company is fully registered and accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We encourage all our tour operators to call this number(5566702) and request for our tariff rates for the Tourist Invitation Letter.

Business or Commercial Visa – This is issued on the basis of a Business Invitation Letter from the Department of the Migration Service with the invitation letter from the hosting company. The purpose of the visit can be various. It could be for business/commercial activities or cultural connections.

This visa is issued for a period ranging from 30 days to 16 months with either single, double or multiple entries to the territory of Ukraine. But the period of stay during every 6 months shouldn’t exceed 90 days for the multiple entries visas.

The Business visa can also be issued for the family members and accompanying persons on the basis of the Invitation letter from the inviting family member and it is necessary to present original invitation letter at the Embassy.


Private visa –  This is a visa issued on the basis of the Invitation letter, which is obtained under the request of the private citizen of Ukraine or foreign citizen with permanent resident permit in Ukraine.  The Invitation letter is made in accordance with the established procedure in the district office of the Migration Service for a period of not more than 3 – 6 months with the possibility of single or double entries and the extension of visa in the territory of Ukraine.

Processing time of the Invitation Letter is 3 – 30 days. The original of this Invitation Letter should be presented to the Consulate. The price of this visa varies.


Studying visa – This is a visa which is issued to every foreign citizen, who is entering the Russian Federation for Study in any Educational Institution.

This visa is issued for the period of 45 days to 3months with a possibility of extension of the student residence permits on the basis of the studying contract and on the Invitation Letter from the Educational Institute and the Ministry Education in Ukraine.


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