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«AEN» African Educational network African own company that is fully accredited by the Ukraine State center for international Education for Recruitment of international student Education in Ukraine Universities.

Information for Foreign students if you are planning to study in Ukraine, we would like to draw your attention to important details:
Admissions criteria and Requirements!

(1)Copy of Applicant passport (Data page only)
(2) Copy of Applicant Secondary School Certificate Result
International students can study at Ukrainian universities based on assessment of their documents about previous education. The required minimum score for admission is set by each university independently.
Upon arrival the applicant is scheduled an interview by the university selection committee. The interview is to demonstrate the level of student’s knowledge in the selected major and Language instruction proficiency is also checked.
If a student does not speak of chosen languages instruction which was chosen by student at a minimum required level, a university can offer to enroll in a preparatory department (10 months duration course), upon successful completion of which the student can proceed to main studies.

Coming to study for Ukraine
All international applicants coming to Ukraine with a purpose of studying shall obtain an “Invitation to study processed from the university they are intending to study; the invitation shall be in the very same form established by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine
Students from visa required countries with which Ukraine signed an agreement on visa-free period of stay of up 90 days (tourist, private and business travel) shall also seek for  long-term (“education visa” type D) visa to Ukraine, which allows to stay in Ukraine longer than 90 days.
Citizens of countries with which Ukraine signed an agreement on visa-free regime (Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia) do not require a visa to Ukraine, but shall provide an original or photocopy of “Invitation to study” when crossing Ukrainian border as an acknowledgment of their purpose of visit to Ukraine.

To obtain study visa type D visa a prospective student shall submit a list of documents to the consulate of Ukraine in respective country, according to the list of documents indicated on the Embassy’s website. Such a list of documents always includes the original “Invitation to study which will be proceed be proceed from the university,
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the documents on your previous education certificate shall be officially certified before submission to the consulate (legalized (Ministry of Education + Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Embassy of Ukraine in your country) or certified by Apostle Stamp + legalized at the Embassy of Ukraine). These documents shall be officially recognized in Ukraine so that a Ukrainian university would be able to issue your diploma certificate upon graduation from the university

All “Invitations to study” issued by universities undergo mandatory registration (Visa Support Confirmation)at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine before being issued to applicants. Our Center performs such registration on behalf of the Ministry and provides official confirmation of such registration (visa support) to the Consulate of Ukraine in respective country. Consulates do not accept documents from international students without such registration and cannot therefore proceed with issuing student visa.

When you have your visa, chose your date of arrival to Ukraine fixed, it is critically important to send a timely notification to us who are your representative about the date arrival, time and point (airport) of your arrival and flight details. You can do it yourself or via an agent whom you dealing with. You are advised to inform the agent as you need someone to meet you in the airport on arrival in Ukraine
University will have to send your arrival notification letter with your arrival details will be sends to the border guide to ensure your entry to Ukraine, during the passport control the border service will verify the identity of the person whether the person in the mentioned on the verification letter of the letter from the university, this is to ensure your safety.
During border control procedures you might undergo a detailed interview in order for the officers to make sure you are travelling to Ukraine with the purpose of study and that you are financially supported for the period of your studies. You are advised to be ready for such interview – make sure you know well your university, its location, your place of residence during studies, as well as the major of your studies. A notification letter from your university would be importance here. If you fail this interview you cannot be denied entry the notification letter will guarantee your entry to Ukraine if you have the finical obligation

All international students studying study in Ukraine which arrived with visa D type fall under the law and be registered at the place of their actual residence during study period, for citizens of visa countries migration procedures do not exceed 15 days until visa expiration date (visa validity period is 45 days), for citizens of non-visa countries – up to 75 days from the date of crossing the Ukrainian border.
Migration formalities for international students are usually carried out by international departments of universities. They would typically request you to provide all the necessary documents and request you to present compulsory health Medical insurance policy for the period duration of study program 4-6 years depend on your study programs
The residence permit card is usually issued for the entire period of your study period,
However applicant at the preparatory department the period of validity of your permit is only for one year period base on the d or duration of program can be extended if applicant extend the contract with university or transfer to major disciple.

Additional precautions
When selecting an agent company that offers its services in enrollment to Ukrainian universities you are strongly recommended to verify agent/ company legitimacy and fulfillment of its obligations to the applicants. Firstly check the list of registered agents if the company is among the registered or accredited agents Ukraine by the Ukraine state center for International student education in Ukraine (registered agents). It would also be helpful to talk to your figure out from your fellow citizens who studied or currently studying in Ukraine that may are be familiar with the services of this company or agent. In order to avoid fraud and extortion of extra payments do not send copies of your documents (admission required documents copy of passport and education certificate) to agent which you do not trust until you make sure that the company/agent is genuine and all terms are agreed, your choice of university including finical obligation
Please note that study invitation letter are registered in the database of state center of education
If you are issued an invitation into the system for a database of a particular university the system will not allow registration of the same name for another study invitation another university of your choice to be issued unless a previous invitation have to be cancelled which applies for application procedures and fees,

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