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Ukraine has been offering a high standard of tertiary education for almost 400 years. The first university in Ukraine was set up in 1632 and attracted students from outside Ukraine, a trend which has continued down to this present times.

Many international students are enamored with the Ukrainian higher education system due to its experienced lecturers, the large amount of courses available, its affordability and its high quality standards which is a result of Ukraine being a member of the Bologna process that regulates higher education in Europe. This ensures that higher education qualifications from Ukraine are recognized in the whole of Europe according to the Lisbon convention which Ukraine signed in 2005. Its education system is rated number one in Eastern and Central Europe. All these come at a fraction of what it costs to study in many other countries.

The 240 universities and tertiary institutions in Ukraine provide a wide array of courses which is conveyed in Ukrainian, Russian and English. These institutions are particularly strong and top rated in science and engineering courses which are varied and very diverse. Foreign students from more than 150 countries gain admission into these universities and institutions and study for their junior bachelor degrees, bachelor degrees, postgraduate masters’ degrees and PHDs.

Admission is open twice a year to international students for junior bachelor, bachelor degree and master degree courses, at the start of the academic year which commences in autumn around September to November and during the winter admission in January to March while postgraduate studies, preparatory faculty programs as well as PHDs admit intakes all year round.

Here are some of the courses available in Ukrainian universities.

Medicine MBBS/MD
Clinical Residency
General Medicine
Medicine and Pharmacology
Orthopedics Stomatology
Stomatology surgery
Veterinary Medicine

Agriculture Scince
Agricultural Engineering
Environmental Studies

Banking & Finances
Accounting and Taxations
Business Administration-Finance
Business Administration
Food Science Technology
Hospitality Management and Tourism

Aeronautical Engineering
Aircraft Engineering
Architecture Technology
Automobile Engineering
Avionics and Rocket Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Aviation
Landscape Architecture
Maritime Engineering and Ship building
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Petroleum, Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
Telecommunication Engineering
Urban planning

Art and Design
Fashion Design Art-Management
International Law
International Relations
Physical Sport Development
Theater Arts and Performance

Clinical Residency
General Medicine
Medicine and Pharmacology
Orthopedics Stomatology
Stomatology surgery
Veterinary Medicine

Applied Mathematics 
Applied Physics Archaeology
Applied Physics and Nanotechnology
Astronomy and Space Sciences 
Atmospheric Science 
Atomic Energy Studies
Astronomy and Space Sciences
Biology and Genetics
Biological and Environmental
Molecular and Cell Biology
Zoology and Wildlife Conservation

Automation and Robotic Technology
Computer Science
Computer System &Networking
Computer Engineering
Electronic Telecommunication Engineering
Information Technology
Software-Hardware Engineering Technology


Ukraine which is the second largest European country by size is located in Eastern Europe and has a population of 42 million. It has a mostly temperate climate which is divided into four seasons namely autumn, winter, spring and summer. It is a democratic country which aspires to join the European Union.
In the recent past, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. During this time, it was a base for many of the technological and scientific feats recorded by the Soviets in the 20th century as well as one of the top industrialized countries in Europe due to the large number of scientists and engineers produced by its universities and colleges. Many of the intelligentsia in the Soviet leadership also came from Ukraine.
Presently, Ukraine is one of the burgeoning places for information technology and software development in Europe due to the presence of many software engineers educated at the country’s universities and colleges and the large production of software and IT related products which rank among its largest exports.
This along with the presence of many Ukrainian engineers and scientists both in Ukraine and globally as well as the worldwide dispersal of foreign scientists, engineers and technologists trained in Ukraine is a testament to the quality of the tertiary education provided by Ukrainian universities and colleges.


African Educational Network (AEN) is a company based in Ukraine that facilitates the admission of international students into Ukrainian universities and colleges as well as provides tourist travel services to Ukraine. We provide everything you need to make your study in Ukraine comfortable from providing the latest information about higher education in Ukraine, helping you with the admission process to arranging your visa and travel arrangements and helping you with accommodation once you get to Ukraine.

AEN is accredited by the Ukrainian State Center (USCISE), a body under the Ministry of Education and Sciences in Ukraine that oversees international student education. We also have affiliated offices and associate partners worldwide and partner with top universities in Ukraine as their official representative to help recruit international students to their institutions.

You can trust AEN with your international education needs as we’ve been operating for many years during which we’ve developed the expertise and experience to help you study in Ukrainian and integrate you into the Ukrainian lifestyle. With AEN, you are assured of a stress free study in Ukraine.


We assist you with career counseling
Help you choose the most relevant university/tertiary institution for your needs.
We provide updated information about the higher educational opportunities in Ukraine.
We advise you on the right way to access the Ukrainian higher education system.
Assist in getting your transcripts from your former school to your choice university.
We process your admission into the institution of your choice and get you your admission study invitation letter.
Assist you in processing your Ukraine visa.
Facilitate your travel to Ukraine and notify your university of your arrival plans..
Welcome you at the airport in Ukraine through our agents and help take you to your university.
Help facilitate your accommodation throughout your stay in Ukraine.


If you like to study abroad but can’t stomach the cost of spending a lot of money on school fees and related expenses, we can help you achieve your dreams at a fraction of those costs. Ukraine provides a high quality of higher education that meets European standards. It is assessed by a lot of foreigners but you will pay much less than what you will spend in America and other European countries. To become an international student in Ukraine, you will have to send us the following documents.

The university application form that has been properly filled
Copy of your educational credentials
Copy of a few pages from your international passport.
Confirmation of payment of our processing fees.


Kyiv Medical University of UAFM
Kyiv National Linguistic University
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Kyiv National Economic University
Crimea State Medical University
Chernivtsi University (Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University)
Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University
Donetsk National University
Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute
Kharkiv University (Karazin Kharkiv National University)
Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
National Aviation University
Lugansk State Medical University
Lviv Polytechnic
Lviv University (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv)
The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
National Mining University
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Nizhyn Gogol State University
Odessa University (I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University)
Odessa National Economics University
Ostroh Academy
Poltava University of Economics and Trade
Priazovskij Gosudarstvenij Texnichescj Universitet
State University of Telecommunications
Sumy State University
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Tavrida National V.I. Vernadsky University
Ternopil National Economic University
Ukrainian Catholic University
Ukrainian Medical & Dental Academy
Zaporizhzhya National University
Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy

Fulfil Your Dream of International Education by Studying in Ukraine

Previously a part of the USSR a few decades ago, Ukraine became an independent country 30 years ago. Since then, Ukraine makes and follows its laws under the Ukrainian SSR. With the development and progress in the    country, the education sector of Ukraine strived for excellence. 

Ukraine provides higher-level medical education that meets the European standard. The reason you can find Europe-level education is that Ukraine is a member of the Bologna Process. The level of education in the country equates to education in Europe. Higher Education of Ukraine ranks higher in Top 25 Education Systems. The country also offers affordable and economical medical education to foreign students. Medicine sciences are highly demanded in Ukraine. Due to this, the universities in Ukraine offer premium quality medical education at affordable rates to international students. These medical universities do not require the students to pay the tuition fee upfront. They can apply to their desired medical university and wait for acceptance. Foreign students have the opportunity of paying the admission fee first, and they can pay the tuition fee after visiting the country. Not only this, but many Ukrainian universities offer airport pick up and ease in immigration to foreign students. International students are offered hostel accommodation in the applied medical university.

Benefits of Studying in Ukraine

There are many benefits to getting a medical degree from Ukraine. Ukraine signed the Lisbon convention so education all over Ukraine is recognized by Europe. Medical universities in Ukraine are highly affordable andless expensive as compared to European countries. The education being economical is the reason many foreign students opt for their MBBS, BDS degree in Ukraine. Medical universities do not charge high amounts like other countries. They charge a minute admission fee and a yearly immigration fee. Immigration fee is compulsory for all foreign students.

The benefits of getting a medical degree from Ukraine are that you can get an affordable medical degree. Medical colleges provide hostel accommodation to foreign students. Medical universities do not demand a high tuition fee upfront. You can pay the tuition after visiting the university campus. Medical education in Ukraine is approved by WHO, IMA, and UNESCO. With a Ukrainian medical degree, you can get a job in the medical sector in many notable countries. Europe discerns the medical education of Ukraine. Foreign students getting a medical degree from Ukrainian universities are highly satisfied with the education and tuition. Medical colleges also offer scholarships and stipends to deserving students.

Future of Studying Medicine from Ukraine

Ukraine is highly known for its affordable medical education. This factor attracts a lot of foreign students
seeking a medical degree. Although universities in Ukraine offer a wide range of programs and courses, medical education is well-known. Medical students can get a house job in a hospital after their degree. After completion of a degree, medical students can get a full-time job in hospitals. They can also get a
postgraduate medical degree from the same university. Ukraine provides affordable, quality medical education. International students can apply to any medical college and get a degree.


Ensure that the invitation letter you get is from the University of your Choice as you will not be allowed to register a second invitation letter from another University except the first one has been cancelled.
Once your arrival date in Ukraine has been confirmed, send a notification to your university about the day you’re arriving as well as the details of your flight and the airport you will be flying into. You can do this yourself or through your agent.
If you’re going to be met at the airport by a family member or friend, ensure they have an authorization clearance letter from the authorities. This is especially needed if your university is not in the city you’re arriving in.
You will be interviewed by the customs who want to ensure that you’re in Ukraine for educational purposes and you can support yourself while in Ukraine so get all the information you can about your university as well as proof of your ability to sustain yourself financially and your invitation letter from the university.
All international students have to get temporary residence permits from the Migration service and get registered in the city they will be studying in.
It is vital to follow all regulations pertaining to the immigration law in Ukraine as failure to do this can cut short your schooling.
You are not allowed by law to withdraw your international passport and temporary residence permit after your migration has been processed.